About Our Company

We are an informal group of professional engineers from various disciplines and are also model railroaders who have joined together to develop specialty products for DCC. The OnGuard power regulation modules are our first in a series of innovative products planned for release.

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US Patents Issued

We are proud to announce that DCC Specialties* has been awarded patents number 7810760, 7810761, 7810435, and 8113471 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the unique features of some of its DCC products like the PSX series PowerShield DCC Circuit Breakers/Auto Reversers and the HARE and Wabbit Stationary Decoders. We elected to undertake the lengthy and expensive patent process in order to protect our intellectual property as a result of "copycat designs" attempted by some leading US and Asian companies.

*The patents have been awarded in the name of the company principals.


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