June 2012
PSX User Shares Layout Information

May 2012
Jack Wabbit Announced

June 2010
DCC Volt & Amp Meter

April 2009
PSX-AR Double Reverse
Add-On Circuits

May 2007
PSX for AC 3 rail ops..

February 2007
Block Watcher
Driven by microprocessor.

January 2007
PowerShield X
Intelligent solid state DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers.

September 2006
Dual DCC stationary decoder.

December 2005
Hare™ New Generation
The original Hare gets even better with more features.

March 2005
Introducing Hare™
Revolutionary DCC stationary decoder, plugs directly on to Tortoise! <more>

Guaranteed Broadway Ltd and sound decoder programming! <more>

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US Patents Issued

We are proud to announce that DCC Specialties* has been awarded patents number 7810760, 7810761, 7810435, and 8113471 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the unique features of some of its DCC products like the PSX series PowerShield DCC Circuit Breakers/Auto Reversers and the HARE and Wabbit Stationary Decoders. We elected to undertake the lengthy and expensive patent process in order to protect our intellectual property as a result of "copycat designs" attempted by some leading US and Asian companies.

*The patents have been awarded in the name of the company principals.


Our Solution
The only inexpensive device that accurately measures DCC Volts/Amps.
Learn More About RRampMeter
RRampMeter Pictures


Our Solution
PSX solid state layout circuit breaker technology for AC 3 rail operators. Available in 1 to 4 output versions.
Learn More About PSX-AC

Block Watcher

Our Solution
A new concept in block detection! This detector employs the power of a microprocessor to analyze the current feed to the rails.
Learn More About Block Watcher
Block Watcher Pictures

Circuit Breakers / Auto Reversers

Our Solution
The PowerShield X is a complete family of intelligent solid state DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers.
Learn More About PowerShield X
PowerShield X Pictures

Dual DCC Stationary Decoder for the Tortoise

Our Solution
The Wabbit™ is a new dual DCC stationary decoder with same features as the Hare
Learn More About Wabbit™
Wabbit Pictures

Revolutionary DCC Stationary Decoder for the Tortoise

Our Solution
The Hare™ New Generation is a new and revolutionary DCC stationary decoder.
Learn More About Hare™ New Generation
NEW MR Reviews Hare NG

Power Supply Designed Specifically for DCC

Our Solution
The Magna Force MF615 DCC Power Supply. A high performance model railroading DCC power supply recommended for Digitrax, Lenz, NCE, and other DCC systems.
Learn More About Magna Force MF615

DCC Programming for Sound Units and Multiple Decoders

Our Solution
The PowerPax DCC Programming Booster. Guaranteed Broadway Ltd and Sound Decoder Programming!
Learn More About PowerPax

DCC Power Regulation
With multiple users on DCC a short by one operator shuts down the system.

Our Solution
Create power segments and use OnGuard! to regulate the power.
Learn More About OnGuard!

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